Message from the CEO

CH BIO was founded in 2016 and has made efforts via ongoing R&D to produce more convenient, sanitary, and safe applicators, beginning with feminine care products and feminine cleansers.

With the construction of a production facility in July 2020, we are becoming a more professional cosmetic R&D manufacturing (OEM/ODM) company by enhancing our production capabilities and extending our business into the skin care industry.

CH BIO will make every effort to produce products that are more convenient and satisfying than before, allowing everyone to use them with confidence and without concern.

We are committed to continuing to expand our businesses as a company that understands and considers others from the perspective of our clients.

CEO Jeong Hwa

Managing Philosophy

Create value with quality

CH BIO began with the goal of offering superior products to ensure client happiness and satisfaction.
We continue to invest in R&D to produce high-quality products with a good price-performance ratio, or cost-effectiveness, so that clients have the fulfillment that valuable consumption has been attained.

Creating value with quality

This is CH BIO’s management philosophy and motto.
CH BIO promises to abide by the following four principles to build and sustain its identity.


We prioritize trust with our consumers.


We endeavor to provide the highest quality to our clients.


In all procedures, hygiene is given the top priority.


We promise that we will only provide safe products.